Our history

The Tobili firm was created in 2022 by Tony Deplagne, chartered accountant and legal auditor.

The creation of this firm stems from the idea that the chartered accountant has multiple skills useful to any company and commercial structure.

However, these skills are often forgotten by the main mission of bookkeeping. Also due to lack of time and communication, the information or advice needed by the company is not produced with sufficient speed and clarity.

This is why the objective of this firm is

to take care of your accounting, to meet your tax and social obligations but above all to be available to offer quality support at each stage of your company's life.

We see beyond the search for profit and we want the time you spend with your accountant to be a moment of pleasure and generating possibilities rather than a boring and tedious obligation.

« I am thrilled by accounting because it gives me the opportunity to accompany various type of structure.»


Founder @Tobili

Tony has been a chartered accountant and auditor for over 10 years. He is the founder of the firm Tobili.

After having worked in an independent firm, Tony joined the international departments of bigger chartered accounting offices.

This versatility of skills allows him today to deal with any accounting, tax, social or legal issue.

Representative of the new generation, he is particularly interested in the corporate social responsibility.

His expertise will save you precious time in the development of your company.

our mission

Customer satisfaction

We propose to accompany French and foreign companies in all their phases of development by offering them a fast, qualified service and with always the smile and the good mood which characterizes us.


We wish to encourage awareness of the economic, social and environmental impacts of each economic actor. The themes of CSR policy and economic frugality are at the heart of our concerns.

Strong Values


Every member of Tobili is fully committed to making your company's financial experience exciting and meaningful


We believe in the freedom of each individual and we help and encourage each of our customers, suppliers and team members to grow because the impact on our structure can only be positive.


We give the same respect to our customers as we do to our suppliers and members

Goog mood

Accounting can sometimes be complex and boring. So why not approach this topic with good humor and put a little of happiness in your relationship with your accountant?